So, when are you gonna be a real pastor?


Allow us to set the scene:

You, a Youth Pastor or Director, are asked to preach during Sunday morning service. This doesn't happen often, your Lead Pastor is probably on vacation. The day comes, you're prepared, and you deliver a successful message. A well meaning church member strides up to you with an outstretched hand, "You were wonderful this morning! When are you gonna be a real Pastor?!" 

Perhaps they don't use these exact words in your context, but the sentiment is the same. Don't get us wrong! These people mean well! All they really want to do is bring you encouragement and let you know they felt blessed. Yet, for many of us, we leave these conversations with one thing in mind...

"I thought I was a real Pastor."

This is why we began the podcast.

It's a rallying call to Youth Pastors, Youth Workers, and churches to begin to change the way they see Youth Ministry. The youth group models of the past are long dead, and what is needed today are professionals who see their roles as Youth Ministers & Volunteers as a calling. We need people who learn, grow, and seek to become experts in their field. This is not a stepping stone to real ministry, this is real ministry.

We need to be prepared.

I think our friend Nate Parks, President & CEO of Berea Ministries, said it best:

The depth and complexity of youth ministry now wasn’t even conceived of back in the day
— Nate Parks, CEO Berea Ministries

So, take a look at the site, comment on the show, read some show notes, or learn more about who we are. If you are ready to listen RIGHT NOW, then click one of the buttons below and dive right in!


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